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 Landowners/ Farmers/Ranchers

 Please call us to express your concerns about your property so we can produce a plan for extinction because every infestation is different!

Rice Field Damage in Wharton County

Hog removal is our business it is not a hobby. We have successfully removed hogs off of cattle ranches,  high fenced ranches, and out of agricultural crops since 1988. We currently have over 100,000 acres of rice, corn, milo, and soy bean that we keep hogs from destroying. If you need references we can provide you with phone numbers of clients from over the years. We are insured in case of any damage caused by us or our dogs. We have never had to use this insurance, but we feel it is better to be safe than sorry and this also should bring peace of mind to property owners.
 I treat other peoples property as good as I treat mine. I make sure no trash is ever left by me or my employees. I will  pick up trash if I run across it while on your property. I also check all fence lines for damage on every extermination run and will report any damage back to the owners or managers of the property.

 Milo field damage from one night

One night of damage can cost $1000s of dollars as you can see

  The best method for removing wild feral hogs from your property other than to build a hog proof fence around the property  is using well trained dogs. We use satellite information from NASA's sat alights to locate the bedding and breeding areas of the wild hogs. Then we scout the area and make a plan for attack. We will then go in and catch every hog in the area and put so much constant pressure on them for several weeks or months that the hogs will learn to not come near your property.

  One of the biggest challenges is getting your neighbors to understand that this takes cooperation from many people in the area. 99% of the time if you are having a problem with wild hogs so are your neighbors and most are happy to have us remove the hogs from the area, but this is where you come in. We need as much information as you can provide about the area, property owners, and the habits of the wild hogs. Most properties that we clear hogs off of are small 50 to 100 acre plots and the hogs are only coming in at night. This is not a problem as long as we can track the hogs bedding and breeding areas down. Once the hogs bedding and breeding areas have been disturbed the hogs will go away to find a safe area to bed and breed.

  You are welcome to join us on every extermination run we make on your property and you are also welcome to have all of the hog meat you want. We have several hog cleaners that will skin and quarter the hogs for you if you would like.

For more information please call:

 Joe Leveridge @ 936-394-2931

This damage went on for hundreds of yards

Our Wild Hog Removal Services Include:


Hunt and Take Alive (with dogs)

Hunt and Kill (with dogs and knife)

Night Vision and Rifles

Rooting along a corn field









 US Hog Outfitters offers hog removal by traps for those that do not want dogs on their land.

Trap rentals are $35.00 per month + deposit. We will remove hogs for you if you desire or you can dispose of them yourself.

Huge boar caught along the river

Wild boar caught in the Bernard River Bottom


Hog Traps For Sale $299.00

8'x4'x4' very light weight and proven strong

very strong hog traps

We do not use frames to help with weight on our hog traps. These bends are every 4 inches all around the trap and have been proven strong many times. We have never had a hog escape to date from these traps not even the big boars

936-394-2931 ask for Joe Leveridge

figure 6 hog trap

We build custom round figure 6 hog traps


We also ensure that our dogs do not chase or harm cattle or other natural wildlife.

One of the biggest question we get all of the time from property owners is that they have heard that dogs will run the deer off of the property.

First not one of my dogs will chase a deer or any other wild life other than wild hogs.

Second with the hogs gone the deer are not competing for food and the population will grow quickly. 

hog damage

Wild hogs damage milo field in Fort bend County


Hog rooting

Wild Hogs can tear up the land quickly and make it a pain for tractors and other farm equipment.


Hog populations across Texas

Texas and OK hog population chart

Darker color = More hogs

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